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Glendale Police Department Smart Policing Initiative Glendale Police Department Smart Policing Initiative Through BJA's Category 1 Smart Policing Demonstration Initiative, the Glendale Police Department (GPD, Arizona) is seeking $300,000 in funding over 24 months to create the Glendale Police Department Smart Policing Initiative, which will seek to reduce crime and disorder in the southeast comer of the city (target area) through the use of problem-oriented policing and the SARA model. The foundation of the proposed project involves the development of a research partnership with Arizona State University's (ASU) Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety. Project objectives include the following: ASU will train GPD personnel from two squads using the POP Center model curriculum (Objective 1); officers will then engage in scanning and analysis activities to identify from 6-12 problems involving crime and disorder in the target area (Objective 2); officers will then develop and implement responses to the identified problems (Objective 3); and officers will assess the impact of each of the implemented responses (Objective 4). ASU will guide and monitor all aspects of the project and will conduct process and outcome evaluations that will be imbedded in the overall SARA process. The evaluation will result in key deliverables throughout the course of the project including pre-post officer training assessments that measure improvements in officers' knowledge base (Objective 1), daily activity reports that document officer scanning and analysis activities (Objective 2), ride-alongs to observe officer activities (Objectives 2 and 3), pre-post physical and social disorder assessments of the target area (Objectives 2 and 4), officer response proposals that will be reviewed and approved by GPD leadership (with ASU feedback; Objective 3), officer assessment summaries that document response impact (Objective 4), and face-to-face interviews of officers (Objectives 3 and 4). Moreover, Glendale PD and their ASU partners will submit interim reports following completion of the project objectives, in addition to a final project report.
Effective start/end date10/1/099/30/11


  • US Department of Justice (DOJ): $209,852.00


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