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Gila Crossing School Evaluation Gila Crossing School Evaluation The SIRC will conduct evaluation activities throughout the year. Along with the Gila Crossing Principal and key staff, Kate Hamm will develop the data collection schedule. The data include baseline and follow up data from the Meisels checklist (or other approved assessment) and portfolio that the school staff will document three times a year. The process data will be collected by the schools and then analyzed by the SIRC evaluation team. The school staff will be responsible for keeping attendance, making and recording observations, anecdotal records, notes from parent teacher conferences, referral logs, screening logs, and for keeping records of incident reports. The SIRC will gather the data based on the data collection timeline and submit reports as necessary. Evaluation staff will make quarterly visits and write observation memorandums. The SIRC will also administer a stakeholder survey to the collaborating agencies. The SIRC will track project activities and participants and measure the changes found in the Meisels Work Sampling Instrument (or other approved assessment). The stakeholder surveys will track communication methods among project staff, parents and collaborating agencies and will identify barriers or problems encountered and how solved. SIRC staff will process the data as quickly as possible and generate reports in a timely manner to provide feedback to the project. As soon as pre and post measures and program implementation data are completed for each site, data analysis will begin.
Effective start/end date9/1/128/31/13


  • LOCAL: Arizona School District: $7,000.00


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