Gaming up the Promise of Digital Learning

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Gaming up the Promise of Digital Learning Gaming up the Promise of Digital Learning PROJECT NARRATIVE The ASU Center for Games and Impact is committed to working with Intel to build an impactful vision for using games to advance the Transforming Education through 3D Game-Infused Learning. Toward this end, we will engage in a series of processes and analyses to produce the following deliverables: The first set of deliverables will focus on landscape and opportunity analysis: Needs Analysis analyzing the intended audience, including demographics, psychographics, and other relevant factors to truly understand their needs. Intel Content Analysis - determining what existing Intel content can and should be game infused, and as part of the final offering. Landscape Analysisinvestigation on other games in this space and relevant takeways from those games to determine a differentiating or impact factor(s) for . Technology Analysiswhat technology tools can be used to deliver the best product for Intel. As part of this work we will articulate how to best leverage Intels existing badging initiative framework for this initiative. The next set will focus on articulation of key pillars and the concept and creative vision: Core Pillars and Learning Framework Clearly articulated characterization of the key pillars, learning framework, and research rubric for analyzing and optimizing success High Level Design Vision Overview of the entire game design, with clear articulation of all features and systems, along with multiple use scenarios of how our target audience will interact with the design Technical Design Framework Technical analysis that indicates what technology will be built, what technical assumptions are made, and what tools will be used Visual Framework and Mockups - Samples of visuals for the game, and overall style guide The final set will focus on recommendations on how we move forward, including process, milestones, and costs scenarios: Production Strategy Framework Analysis of project plan, risk analysis, dependencies, and partnerships Cost and Schedule Scenarios - Scaling scenarios for varying scope and budget levels
Effective start/end date6/15/1312/15/13


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $250,000.00


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