Exploring the Fundamentals and Applications of Pickering Emulsions

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Exploring the Fundamentals and Applications of Pickering Emulsions Exploring the Fundamentals and Applications of Pickering Emulsions Emulsions are ubiquitous in natural and industrial processes. Conventional emulsions use organic surfactants or polymers as stabilizers. Although solid particle stabilized emulsions (Pickering emulsions) are often encountered in the recovery of crude oil, oil separation and cleaning, and wastewater treatment, the phenomenon is poorly understood and has been neglected for nearly a century. This proposal focuses on integrating research and education centering on exploring the fundamentals and applications of Pickering emulsions. We will investigate the self-assembly of solid microparticles in Pickering emulsion using a laser scanning confocal microscope. In particular, we will investigate the influence of bulk solid particle concentration, particle size, particle wettability, and bulk viscosity on self-assembly. We will also test the applicability of the Langmuir adsorption model. Pickering emulsions offer a new paradigm of colloidal science, and the proposed work is anticipated to contribute significantly to a better fundamental understanding of the formation of Pickering emulsions. The integration between research and education will be performed to meet the NSFs goals for two strategic outcomes: People and Ideas. With a strong commitment to education, the PI will establish research-related open-ended projects in the existing courses, promote undergraduate and graduate research, establish a new summer program to broaden the participation of underrepresented groups, participate in the Teacher Training Institute, and promote technology transfer. Pickering emulsions involve an innovative concept for particle use; the proposed work is anticipated to provide new opportunities for widespread practical applications. Last, but not least, this project also provides a unique opportunity to meet our nations need for a cutting-edge research with the potential of significant expansion in the 21st century.^
Effective start/end date9/3/088/31/10


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $156,142.00


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