Energy Quality Flow Analysis for Ultra-Low Energy Communities

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Energy Quality Flow Analysis for Ultra-Low Energy Communities Energy Quality Flow Analysis for Ultra-Low Energy Communities General ASU personnel will attend progress meetings, including visits to each of the subject Army communities for the purpose of meeting with project partners, Army decisionmakers, planners, or facilities managers, and preparing for modeling or analytic efforts, according to the schedule presented in Table 1: Work Plan Milestones in the proposal. Task 1: Physical Modeling ASU will perform the first- and second-law physical modeling described in Task 1 for Fort Irwin. Task 1 modeling for Fort Carson is expected to be completed by others (i.e., the RIT team). However, ASU will update and support Task 1 modeling for Fort Carson as necessary to ensure that Task 1 data is integrated into remaining tasks. Data for the modeling will be gathered primarily from project partners. Deliverables will include graphical, quantitative energy flow network models. Task 2: Design ASU will contribute to Task 2 by interpreting the physical models developed in Task 1 and identifying opportunities where design efforts (by others) may result in significant energy improvements. Tasks 3 & 4: Multi-criteria Decision Analytics and Assessment ASU (including subcontractors to ASU) will conduct the stochastic computational analysis required to rank-order design alternatives provided by others according to Army performance criteria. Stochastic assessments of design alternative performance (including costs) and criteria will be provided by others. ASU will conduct a sensitivity analysis seeking to discover the salient aspects of the decision, including critical uncertainties that relate to Army preferences for each alternative. Tasks 5 & 6: Reports and Manuscripts ASU will contribute to all progress reports, final reports, as well as preparation and revision of scientific journal articles.
Effective start/end date10/5/105/5/11


  • DOD-ARMY: Army Corps of Engineers (USACE): $131,289.00


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