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eMERGE III Mayo eMERGE III @ Mayo In eMERGE III, we propose to build on our prior work to conduct a genomic medicine implementation project to establish mechanisms for return of actionable findings from targeted sequencing of 100 disease-relevant genes. Focusing on two common genetic disordersfamilial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and familial colorectal cancer (CRC)we will begin to translate genomic discovery and implementation efforts in eMERGE to impact public health. RAVE (formerly eMERGE)_Revision 01 Dr. Shaibi will serve as a collaborator and work closely with the Mayo PI (Dr. Noralane Lindor) and her study team to ensure that the project is carried out with scientific rigor. In his role, Dr. Shaibi will lend his expertise in community-based participatory research focused on cardiometabolic disease risk in the Latino community. He will participate in data analysis, interpretation, integration, and dissemination.
Effective start/end date9/1/155/31/19


  • Mayo Clinic Arizona: $74,158.00


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