Effects of Alcohol and Prior Gambling Outcomes on Gambling Behavior

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Effects of Alcohol and Prior Gambling Outcomes on Gambling Behavior Effects of Alcohol and Prior Gambling Outcomes on Gambling Behavior scope of the work from the original proposal will not change as a result of the transfer from Yale University to Arizona State University (ASU). The PI will transition to a similar position at ASU (Associate Professor with tenure) with a very similar distribution of responsibilities with respect to research, teaching, and service. Thus, the PI will continue to have adequate time to devote to the management of the project. The PI will also have very similar resources including a fully equipped simulated bar laboratory. The new lab at ASU will have significantly more space (~1100 sf) than the lab at Yale University (~700 sf) and will be similarly equipped. All equipment purchased for the purposes of this project will be transferred to ASU. There are sufficient remaining funds on the project for the PI to hire a new project manager and there is a mechanism for recruiting research assistants for course credit (similar to that of Yale). Thus, the PI will have all of the necessary resources and staff to complete the data collection within the new institution. Human subjects approval has already been obtained for the work at ASU. At present, a total of 110 participants have completed the lab-based session of the protocol and 107 have completed the follow-up session. The remaining three participants are scheduled to complete follow-ups prior to the completion of data collection at Yale University. Thus, a total of 90 participants would be recruited for data collection at ASU. Remaining funds are adequate to cover the costs of lab supplies (e.g. alcohol, food, recruitment materials, etc.), participant payment, and other project related expenses (e.g. participant transportation).
Effective start/end date7/15/098/31/11


  • HHS: National Institutes of Health (NIH): $169,171.00


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