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Diamond Pin Diode Diamond Pin Diode This Systems Corporation (Buyer) Statement of Work (SOW) delineates the requirements for the delivery of technical services to be provided by the Arizona State University (Seller). This SOW is in support of DARPA BAA #HR001120S0018, entitled, Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) Office-wide. This seedling effort is single phased spanning a 6 month period of performance. Sellers efforts will span the entire 6 months. The purpose of this work is to develop abrupt heavily doped n+ diamond and ohmic metal contacts to enable high-performance diamond electron devices. Specifically, the deposition of various precursor and target metals on highly doped n+ <111> diamond substrates. This work will be performed by fabricating and electrically characterizing transmission line measurement (TLM) structures on various diamond substrates. The seller will support the buyer on the following task which are described in greater detail in section 5.0 Task 1 : Development of heavily doped, abrupt n+ diamond growth (5e19 cm-3 doping demonstrated in 300nm thick n+ diamond film ) Task 2: Phosphorus Gradient development (reach 5e19cm-3 within 300nm thickness) Task 3 : Develop low-contact resistance metal contacts to nano carbon (nanoC) interface layer (RC < 4x10-6 O-cm2 ) Task 4: Develop low-contact resistance metal contacts to n+ diamond (RC < 4x10-6 O-cm2 ) Nothing contained in this SOW waives any Buyer rights under any Purchase Order (PO), nor releases the Seller(s) of any obligations or liabilities under any PO.
Effective start/end date12/16/216/30/22


  • DOD: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA): $192,042.00


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