Development of a Therapy for Smallpox Vaccinia and Monkeypox

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We will receive compounds that inhibit binding of E3L to Z-DNA (through its N-terminal Z-DNA binding domain) from several research institutes. We will subsequently perform highthroughput screening of these compounds for their ability to inhibit vaccinia virus replication in the JC (murine mammary gland adenocarcinoma) cell line. Compounds (not to exceed 3) determined to successfully inhibit replication of wild-type vaccinia virus in cell culture will be further tested in mice (129/sv strain) for protection against wild-type vaccinia virus challenge. If appropriate, we will also test a number of compounds for their ability to inhibit binding of monkeypox virus E3L to Z-DNA in cell culture.
Effective start/end date8/1/097/31/11


  • HHS-NIH: Center for Scientific Review (CSR): $629,874.00


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