Development of a Spray-Plated Ferrite for Antenna Applications

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Development of a Spray-Plated Ferrite for Antenna Applications Development of a Spray-Plated ferrite for antenna applications RFQ M173.03OKFeb It is proposed that the path to commercial production of these materials involve two parallel thrusts. Both thrusts begin with the reproduction of the original Japanese work in order to obtain our own baseline material with which to begin the full development. The work performed at ASU under the Material Wave Interactions Laboratory Recharge center in 2007 and 2008 has been in support of Thrust 1. Fabricating Higher Frequency nano-Ferrite Films. INTRODUCTION 1.1 PURPOSE The purpose of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to define the requirements, tasks, and efforts required of the Subcontractor to support further development of Fabricating Higher Frequency nano-Ferrite Films. The Subcontractor shall provide all personnel, facilities, material, and services necessary to meet the requirements of this Statement of Work and to deliver all hardware, documentation and services specified herein. Tasks should be split, defined so as to offer flexibility with respect to what level of funding is ultimately practical. Each task will have a separate budget. Beyond Task 1, the remaining tasks will be implemented optionally and in any sequence. 1.2 SCOPE OF WORK Throughout the remainder of the document, The Subcontractor may be referred to as ASU or Seller, and may be referred to as , NGAS or the Buyer. Arizona State University (ASU) will continue to seek new materials and strategies for boosting the magnetic resonance frequencies of nanocrystalline ferrites while maintaining appropriately high magnetic permeabilities. ASU will renew its intention to undertake evaluations of the environmental stability of its ferrite films as deposited and with post deposition treatment. During the year, quarterly technical status reports will be provided to NGAS. 1.2.1 Buyer Scope Contractual Direction The Buyer will provide management and administrative direction through the designated Northrop Grumman Subcontract Administrator (SCM) as identified in the subcontract. The SCM is the principal management/administrative interface to the Seller and will monitor Sellers cost, schedule and performance. Administrative direction will include guidance and approvals that establish all understandings and agreements between the Seller and Buyer. Sole authority to make changes, revisions or amendments on behalf of the Buyer and to effect deviations (by way of additions or deletions) from the work described herein rests with the authorized SCA. Direction, guidance or clarifications from the SCM is valid only when confirmed in writing. Acceptance of direction from anyone other than the SCM will not be considered as a basis for claim against the Buyer. Technical Management The Buyer will provide technical and management direction through the IPT Lead or Technical Manager (TM). IPT Lead/TM is the principal technical interface to the Seller and will provide technical direction to the Seller, as well as assist the SCM in monitoring the Sellers cost, schedule and performance. Seller shall designate a technical lead with singular authority to plan and direct the successful and timely achievement of the work specified in this document. Such authority shall include overall technical and financial direction of the effort and overall management of planning and scheduling. Seller shall ensure that the personnel and facilities necessary for the performance of the Subcontract are assigned and made available at the time and places necessary to meet the performance and schedule established by the subcontract.
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