Depth Profile Analysis of Prepared Ceramic Samples by Cameca 6f SIMS Instrument

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Depth profile analysis of prepared ceramic samples by Cameca 6f SIMS instrument Requester will provide multiple ceramic samples that have been polished, treated with tracer species, and processes to provide a suitable surface for SIMS depth analysis; blanks and calibration samples will be provided as necessary Request depth profiles of appropriate isotope masses for Na, Li, K, Zr, Si, and P elements at sample depths up to 1 micron Request ion spatial maps for Na, Li, or K isotope masses at selected depths Request profilometric evaluation of SIMS crater for each depth profile subsequent to analysis Request electronic files for analyses and for spatial map images Samples will be hand-delivered or mailed to Arizona State University If possible, Sandia staff will travel to Arizona State University to provide guidance during analytical session for either one or two full days for the analysis of each set of samples Estimate of four to six samples per session Estimate of four to six sessions Estimate of $60 per hour of session (August 2012 rate) 54% Indirect Cost, agreement signed by DHHS effective 5/3/12 Maximum total cost of $10,000.00 Signing through September 30, 2014 Project 145698 Task 3.08.02
Effective start/end date4/9/1312/31/15


  • US Department of Energy (DOE): $21,434.00


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