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Dell Powering the Possible Program Dell Powering the Possible Program Recovering knowledge on the project platform will require sophisticated algorithms to run effectively and efficiently in practice. Dr. Colbourn will analyze the computational complexity of algorithms for query and update of the hypergraph structure, with particular reference to practical efficiencies, develop effective strategies for clustering in large, hierarchical hypergraphs, and apply the clustering methods to develop effective algorithms for query, and for inferring hypergraph entities that abstract relevant sets of (simpler) hypergraph entities. Milestones and deliverables will be to develop and compare algorithms for the extraction of sub-hypergraphs of a large hypergraph that meet specified connectivity and membership constraints; and to assess the merits of these methods in querying large hypergraph databases.
Effective start/end date6/1/1210/31/14


  • Dell Computer Foundation: $89,863.00


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