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CTI iProject - Thermodynamic Properties of a Barbecue Pit CTI iProject - Thermodynamic Properties of a Barbecue Pit For background and original scoping, please see attached document (Joes Real BBQ). The overarching goal of this project is to formally study and then design a control system solution to optimize the quality of the brisket produced at Joes Real BBQ in Gilbert, AZ. The brisket is cooked slowly in a barbeque pit using heat and smoke from a fire stoked with logs. This process will require several sequential phases of work. 1. Knowledge gathering --- work with experts at Joes Real BBQ (e.g., Joe and/or Tad and/or others) to understand the variables they expect to be linked to brisket quality (e.g., temperature, time, smoke, humidity level, meat wrapping, types of wood, etc.) and the mechanisms through which those variables are controlled within the barbeque pit. We anticipate this phase to be complete very early in the Fall semester. 2. Develop instrumentation approaches for measuring each of the key variables identified in the knowledge gathering phase. How will humidity be measured? Smoke Opacity? etc. The instrumentation needs to be designed and implemented such that it does not interfere with normal barbeque pit operation. We anticipate this portion of the project will be completed in the Fall semester. 3. Study the smoker properties and share findings with stakeholders. Specifically, a. Measure and map (plot) the distribution of temperature across the inside of the barbeque pit under conditions such as the following: multiple temperature settings of the controller, with various quantities of brisket in the chamber, and with and w/o the convection fan operating. b. Measure and plot the temperature vs. time curve for brisket during the smoking process under conditions such as the following: using various measurement points on the meat, at various temperature
Effective start/end date8/20/135/31/14


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $10,000.00


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