CTI iProject - Honeywell: Heat Exchanger Optimization

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CTI iProject - Honeywell: Heat Exchanger Optimization CTI iProject - Honeywell: Heat Exchanger Optimization Heat Exchanger Optimization. The senior design team would re-design the air (fan bypass) side of air-oil H/X for aircraft jet engine TFE731-20/40/60 tooptimize its performance, by minimizing the weight of the H/X and air-side pressure loss. The solution will be possible because of new opportunities provided by the use of advanced production methods, such as Additive Layered Manufacturing (ALM), which eliminates restrictions on the shape of the H/E and better leverage of aerodynamic patterns (i.e. CFD driven design) than the conventional design against which the results of optimization will be assessed. Finally, the solution could be demonstrated in subscale test (made by stereolithography, or 3-D printing) based in wind tunnel testing for flow visualization and flow restriction, comparing the existing airside geometry with the optimized design concept. The effort would require the students to gain some familiarization with the TFE731-20/40/60 turbofan engine, in particular the oil/air cooler and understand the oil cooler basic design; to gain familiarization with ALM manufacturing and the design flexibility afforded by that process, perform the design analysis of the HX, and validate the concept in laboratory testing. A final report on the effort, including the design analysis, test description and data would be provided at the conclusion of the effort.
Effective start/end date8/24/136/30/14


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $6,000.00


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