Collecting the Intermountain Regions GHG Emissions Data

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Collecting the Intermountain Regions GHG Emissions Data Collecting the Intermountain Region?s GHG Emissions Data Up to four interns from Arizona State University will be selected to participate in this 2010 summer internship program. The goal is to offer field experiences and career enriching opportunities in the field of sustainability to interns from diverse backgrounds. The interns will help the NPS Intermountain Region inventory the greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption for park units. The interns will receive training and guidance throughout the internship. In addition, a mentoring agreement between NPS contacts and their appointed interns will be established before the internship begins to ensure that the special interests and skills of each student are covered during the internship.
Effective start/end date5/17/1012/31/10


  • DOI: National Park Service (NPS): $47,189.00


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