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CHAMP ASU ISA CHAMP ASU ISA CHAMP ASU ISA 3.7.4. Develop an Implementation and Monitoring Strategy (IMS) A complete IMS should include: A team roster, identifying roles and responsibilities, including facilitator(s) or leader(s), A list and description of chosen interventions identified (from The Arizona Climate and Health Adaptation Plan), including delineation of specific target populations or locations. IMS from the university must contain at least one (1) intervention per pilot project, Identification of stakeholders and partners necessary for both implementing and monitoring the interventions, Proposed methodologies and partners necessary for both implementing and monitoring interventions, and Timeline outlining activities, deadlines, and milestones. Communicate and disseminate the IMS The communication and dissemination strategy shall then be implemented and monitored. The University shall track all contact with stakeholders regarding their IMS and the relevant health impacts, as planned in communication and dissemination strategy, in order to demonstrate effective communication. These strategies will help the IMS be effectively tailored and delivered to relevant audiences, as demonstrated by the performance measures found in the communication and dissemination strategy. Develop an evaluation plan for IMS and associated interventions The University shall develop an evaluation plan for their overall IMS and for each associated intervention or adaptation listed in the IMS. Each evaluation plan must include these essential elements: Strategies for engaging stakeholders in the evaluation, A logic model, Develop short-term, intermediate, and long-term process and outcome measures and methodologies to monitor the measures, Evaluation questions regarding how the intervention is affecting the jurisdictions adaptation to climate-related health outcomes, Rigorous, sound qualitative and/or quantitative methods for answering the evaluation questions, and Evaluation milestones with deadlines. 3.7.5. The University shall begin implementing IMS activities upon completion of drafting the IMS plan and evaluate the IMS and chosen interventions, 3.7.6. The University shall review evaluation results with key stakeholders and incorporate findings into the IMS and chosen interventions to periodically improve and update, 3.7.7. The University shall assist ADHS in publishing findings from the BRACE IMS projects in which they provided assistance to a County or ADHS. The University shall assist by either writing content for an Arizona Climate and Health Adaptation Plan Addendum, a scientific journal article regarding current Arizona IMS work or presenting at a local or national conference relevant which meets Arizonas BRACE grant work plan goal, and 3.7.8. The University shall assist ADHS in collecting and reporting on Arizonas Building Resilience Against Climate Effects Grant project updates by assisting in completing the new required information for County BRACE IMS projects using the CDCs performance measure reporting templates for the grant budget year. The University shall only need to report on projects in which they provided technical assistance for a current BRACE IMS project.
Effective start/end date6/1/176/1/22


  • HHS: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): $100,000.00


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