Arizona Youth Survey (AYS)

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Arizona Youth Survey (AYS) Arizona Youth Survey (AYS) Arizona Youth Survey (AYS) A lottery system will be used to provide schools, school coordinators, and teachers with a financial incentive to administer the AYS in accordance with the study procedures outlined by researchers (see details below). This will help ensure that the data is collected in a standardized manner and information regarding reasons for student non-participation (e.g., number refused, out sick) are recorded consistently and accurately by teachers. Providing a financial incentive will also increase the likelihood that schools will agree to participate in the study, which is critical for developing an accurate depiction of the level of risk and promotive factors for adolescent substance use/misuse across the state of Arizona.
Effective start/end date10/1/1710/31/18


  • Arizona Criminal Justice Commission: $287,720.00


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