Arizona Military Energy Land Use Plan Phase II for compatible siting of energy projects

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In early 2018 the City of Surprise and Arizona State University (ASU) created an Arizona Military Energy Land Use Plan (AME-UP). This plan and an accompanying multi-dimensional web tool provides best practices for siting of renewable energy projects within Arizona. ASU will continue to develop the AMEUP web tool as well as provide user training and policy recommendations to facilitate the compatible siting of energy projects in Arizona. This phase of the strategy will go a long way to ensure future projects will not impact the operational utility of the states military installations, operations areas, and test and training ranges. ASU will expand its work with key Arizona stakeholders to achieve the following goals:
(1) Information Sharing: Provide expert input for enhanced mapping features, including updating data layers, tightening data security, and promoting user acceptance.
(2) Effective Collaboration: Conduct stakeholder training through small group meetings, webinars, and presentations at local, state, and national conferences.
(3) Consensus Building: Protect military operations and promote viable renewable energy development with model legislation and local ordinances.
(4) Long-Term Tool Sustainability: Identify a qualified entity to house the AMEUP web tool and develop a permanent operational plan.
The enhanced AMEUP has hundreds of potential users throughout Arizona so the data must include the most up-to-date features possible. In addition, offering tool training and legislative guidance will increase its exposure and utility.
Effective start/end date7/1/1812/31/19


  • US Department of Defense (DOD): $448,691.00


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