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Arabic Math and Science Portal (AMSP) Arabic Math and Science Portal (AMSP) The Company agrees to grant a financial contribution to ASU and DCU for the implementation of the Project. ASU and DCU undertakes to use their own facilities and their reasonable best endeavours to conduct the Project as described in Schedule A. The Project shall be carried out over a minimum period of 12 (twelve) months, commencing as of the Effective Date. Both parties may extend the Project under mutually agreeable terms by prior written agreement of the parties unless otherwise terminated in accordance with the terms of Section 14. During the term of the Project the scientific contact and Principal Investigator for ASU shall be Dr. Sam DiGangi, or his successor, as mutually agreed by the parties. The Principal Investigator for DCU shall Dr. Theo Lynn, or his successor, as mutually agreed by the parties. The Company understands that ASU and DCU undertakes this Project in good faith in furtherance of its mission to seek and advance new knowledge. The Company agrees to provide ASU and DCU access to anonymous system and usage data for the Term of the Agreement regardless of whether the Project is hosted by ASU, DCU, the Company or other Project Participants. The Company understands that neither ASU nor DCU shall be responsible for the design, development or localization of content in relation to the Project or any end user-facing operational management of the software developed during the Project and licensed by the Company. The Company understands that while outputs from the Project are hosted by ASU or DCU, end users will be expected to abide by ASUs Net-Abuse Policy and end user terms and conditions as modified from time to time and in line with industry standards.
Effective start/end date8/21/088/20/09


  • INDUSTRY: Foreign Company: $18,420.00


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