Advanced 100 Watt Solar Blanket for Squad Power

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Advanced 100 Watt Solar Blanket for Squad Power Advanced 100 Watt Solar Blanket for Squad Power Task 1. Module Design Collaborate with PowerFilm to identify module design options that effectively incorporate thin flexible SHJ cells. Variables to be considered include: cell size, cell layout, contact locations and interconnect approaches. Task 2. Cell Contacts Establish an optimized cell contact points design and process. Investigate options for backside cell contact that may include wraparound, thru via, or other attachments. Task 3. Encapsulation Provide advice to PowerFilm on the protective encapsulation required for SHJ cells in a flexible blanket module. The key physical threats to be protected against include flexure, mechanical impact, and interconnect stresses along with the standard 810-G test set. Provide PowerFilm with 6-10 mechanical samples for initial process development and 6-10 functional cells of reasonable efficiency for encapsulation stack tests. Year 1 and 2 Task 4. SHJ Cell Efficiency Improvements Investigate cell architecture and process modifications to increase SHJ cell efficiency from current levels near 20%. Year 2 Task 5. SHJ Cell Delivery Provide sufficient cells to PowerFilm for fabrication of 120 W demonstration array and a hybrid array (total number of cells equivalent to approximately 180 W total). These will be the best available cells available at month 18 of the contract based on performance and mechanical characteristics. Also provide some low spec cells for use in assembly method evaluation.
Effective start/end date8/14/1411/30/16


  • DOD: Army: $499,698.00


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