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Adidas - Superstar Adidas - Superstar A number of competing ideas/pieces of content are put forth before any major advertising campaign in order to ensure that a diverse set of ideas have been explored. However, due to the magnitude of these campaigns (cost) and the desire to simplify/target the communication message, it is imperative to choose a message that would create the highest potential impact on the targeted audience for a given product, category and the brand as a whole. Choosing that one piece of content that would lead to the highest potential market impact (engagement) requires intensive pre-launch testing with consumers and countless boardroom meetings to ensure the optimal solution has been chosen. Despite all these efforts, it is a known fact that post launch, the individual consumers response may differ from what they have reported during testing given the myriad biases documented with standardized surveying techniques. Numerous heavily researched but in the end poorly received campaigns attest to this fact. Furthermore, a number of specific consumer responses are too subtle, or belong to human psyche dimensions that cannot be investigated with questionnaire-based methods (eg. acute emotional response, gaze fixation, memory and cognitive workload). It is therefore imperative to use the appropriate methods to gather insights and unbiased feedback from consumers in order to eliminate some of these surprising outcomes and increase the chances of an ad creating the desired response in the target audience. Our unique proposition consists of a battery of tests that has certain particularities which make it more resilient to consumer bias and also capable of spotting mental and emotional incongruencies an ad could trigger in the target audience. Furthermore, in addition to quantifying the emotional response to individual sequences we also have the capability to quantify the potential impact on the propensity to purchase a product or a certain category of products and the memorability of said product/category.
Effective start/end date11/11/193/30/20


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $12,365.00


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