ADI-SSS Arizona's Dementia-Capable System Enhancement

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ADI-SSS Arizona's Dementia-Capable System Enhancement ADI-SSS Arizonas Dementia-Capable System Enhancement Arizona State University, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Economic Security-Division of Aging and Adult Services; the Aging & Disability Resource Consortium; the Alzheimer Association, Desert Southwest Chapter; and the Arizona Caregiver Coalition, will achieve the following: Goal: Improve and sustain dementia-capable systems in Arizona by filling critical system gaps. Objective 1: Enhance existing and provide additional effective supportive services to persons with Alzheimers Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) living alone in Arizona communities. Objective 2: Build upon preliminary activities to continue to improve the quality and effectiveness of services dedicated to aging individuals who have intellectual or developmental disabilities and ADRD and their family caregivers. Objective 3: Expand existing services for those living with moderate to severe impairment from ADRD and their caregivers within our underserved Latino community. Expected outcomes: 1) partners will report an increase in the percentage of services utilized by the targeted populations (people living alone with ADRD, aging individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and ADRD and their caregivers, and Latino families impacted by ADRD); 2) people with dementia (with assessments focused on those in early stages) and family caregivers using the projects interventions and services will report decreases in negative symptoms of mood and stress, increases in the quality of life indicators of social support and coping, and increases in satisfaction with and benefit from the interventions and services; and 3) partners will develop a viable sustainability plan for the projects successful components. Products: Updated marketing and outreach materials and partner websites reflecting project enhancements, intervention manuals for each of the target populations, and staff training manuals.
Effective start/end date9/1/172/28/22


  • HHS: Administration for Community Living (ACL): $962,759.00


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