Adaptive Active Ripple Cancellation (ASUF 30006436)

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Adaptive Active Ripple Cancellation (ASUF 30006436) Adaptive Active Ripple Cancellation Scope of Work Dr. Bakkaloglu will use this gift funding to support the Adaptive Active Ripple Cancellation Project. Problem Statement: Utilizing adaptive mixed signal approaches to cancel current ripple at DCDC regulator output, while tracking/adapting to converter characteristics Ultimate goal is to generate an inverse current waveform that has high linearity tracking behavior in terms of amplitude, delay and linearity Overview of the Approach: A closed loop approach that tracks the voltage peaks and valleys at the filter output by using a ping-pong sampler. Ping-pong sampler inherently blocks DC signal, focusing on only AC ripple, outside the DCDC converter loop bandwidth, sampled specifically at the peaks and valleys of the current signal. A digital up-down counter averages and fine-tunes the up and down ramps based on the averaged peak-to-peak ripple value. Ping-pong sampling function selectively samples at peaks and valleys downsamples fundamental, even and odd harmonics of current ripple to DC. Up/down counter filters out (averages) white noise due to instantaneous load variations and increases accuracy. Algorithm continues until the peak tone power is equal to valley tone power (at DC) After valley power crosses peak power, the algrorithm goes into tracking mode where it increments and decrements ripple magnitude. Active Ripple & EMI Cancellation in DC-DC Converter Project
Effective start/end date6/18/1312/31/22


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $160,000.00


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