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ACMRS Open Access ACMRS Open Access ACMRS Open Access proposes to host four virtual workshops for scholars, students, teachers and community members who are interested in publishing premodern critical race studies in open access formats. Rooted in several disciplines in the humanities, including literature, history, religion, classics, art history, and foreign languages and literatures, premodern critical race studies is quintessentially a diversity, equity, and inclusion endeavor because it strives to challenge and reinvent the humanities by integrating critical race studies into premodern studies. The ACMRS Open Access workshops will focus on identifying, explaining, and modelling the differences between academic publishing styles/venues and public-facing, open access styles/venues. These virtual workshops, which will be free and open to the first fifty people who register, will be designed to allow the participants to pitch, hone, and craft premodern critical race studies publications for open access formats. This project acknowledges that cutting-edge, innovative, public-facing scholarship often requires the support of top-notch, innovative, creative-thinking staff, and this grant seeks to render that labor both visible and remunerated for the ACMRS staff listed within the narrative. Expected outcomes include but are not limited to: public-facing humanities projects on premodern critical race studies, career development for BIPOC scholars, and the incubation of future projectsboth collaborative and individual Lastly, this project aligns with the SSRC/NEHs priorities and goals because: 1) it works to promote, sustain, and ensure the vitality of the humanities, including literature, history, religion, classics, art history, and foreign languages and literatures; and 2) it works to emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion by promoting premodern critical race studies, a field created by BIPOC faculty and students.
Effective start/end date6/1/225/31/23


  • National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH): $99,977.00


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