Achieving dryland restoration through the deployment of enhanced biocrusts to improve soil stability fertility and native plant recruitment

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ASU TECHNICAL SECTION Dr. Garcia-Pichel will direct the project as for Objective 1 and help integrate it within Objectives 2 and 3, and will participate directly in experimentation, training and dissemination. Our primary objectives are to: 1) Establish a biocrust nursery as an inoculum trial and supply center for biocrust restoration. 2) Identify successful field application methods of biocrust inoculum in a series of field trials. 3) Evaluate plant (e.g., cover, diversity, exotic invasion) and soil (e.g., fertility, erosion) responses to biocrust restoration in multi-factorial field experiments.
Effective start/end date9/30/139/29/18


  • DOD: Strategic Environmental Research Development Program (SERDP): $852,717.00


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