AARIN FY2013 - 4th Ave and Juvie Collections

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AARIN FY2013 - 4th Ave and Juvie Collections AARIN FY2013 - 4th Ave and Juvie Collections ASU and Maricopa County have mutually benefitted from the study conducted by the AARIN Project among arrest tees in the county over the past several years. This study provides the county manager's office with vital information used to plan DPSO operations and information regarding trends in this population and their respective recidivism rates. This project also provides ASU researchers current information on criminal arrest trends that lead to peer reviewed publications and presentations nationally. While MCMO has an established guiding principal that they should not pay more than 10% to 15% in indirect costs for any contract with other government agencies; continued funding on this project has only been available due to the collaboration between ASU and MCMO allowing a reduced indirect cost of 10% which allows ASU researchers to continue to sample from a broad range of incarcerated adult and juvenile individuals while still covering our increasing direct costs needed to conduct the study.
Effective start/end date7/17/128/31/13


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $235,921.00


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