A Dedicated Computational Platform for Cellular Monte Carlo T-CAD Software Tools

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A Dedicated Computational Platform for Cellular Monte Carlo T-CAD Software Tools A dedicated computational platform for Cellular Monte Carlo T-CAD software tools We propose here the acquisition of a specific computational platform with an optimized architecture for the Cellular Monte Carlo particle-based T-CAD simulation tools developed by our group. Such code is used for the modeling and design of electron devices realized with nontraditional semiconductor materials, where the experimental determination of material parameters for simulation purposes is arduous or incomplete. A well-defined application space is defined, in which the particle-based paradigm plays a crucial role for the design, realization, and optimization of electron devices of strategic relevance for present and future military applications. To be fully developed in a realistic amount of time, such application space requires a computational platform specifically designed for the algorithmic characteristic of particle-based simulation code. The application space ranges from the nanoscale first principles used to develop the code, to the extraction of macroscopic performance metrics of high-frequency, high-power electron devices in a strictly integrated simulation framework. The specialized equipment proposed here will make possible the extraction of device parameters from simulation data performed at molecular resolution. For the first time, the parameters extracted with our tools will supply quantitative predictions of direct RF measurements as well as the electro-thermal device characteristics; it will therefore simplify the device design even in absence of reliable experiments. We are confident that our software will contribute to the realization of novel devices and will complement the standard metrology of extremely high frequency devices.
Effective start/end date4/15/144/14/15


  • DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR): $499,595.00


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