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  • 4CAS : Serial femtosecond crystallography structure of a photosynthetic reaction center

    Johansson, L. C. (Contributor), Arnlund, D. (Contributor), Katona, G. (Contributor), White, T. A. (Contributor), Barty, A. (Contributor), Deponte, D. P. (Contributor), Shoeman, R. L. (Contributor), Wickstrand, C. (Contributor), Sharma, A. (Contributor), Williams, G. J. (Contributor), Aquila, A. (Contributor), Bogan, M. J. (Contributor), Caleman, C. (Contributor), Davidsson, J. (Contributor), Doak, R. B. (Contributor), Frank, M. (Contributor), Fromme, R. (Contributor), Galli, L. (Contributor), Grotjohann, I. (Contributor), Hunter, M. S. (Contributor), Kassemeyer, S. (Contributor), Kirian, R. (Contributor), Kupitz, C. (Contributor), Liang, M. (Contributor), Lomb, L. (Contributor), Malmerberg, E. (Contributor), Martin, A. V. (Contributor), Messerschmidt, M. (Contributor), Nass, K. (Contributor), Redecke, L. (Contributor), Seibert, M. M. (Contributor), Sjöhamn, J. (Contributor), Steinbrener, J. (Contributor), Stellato, F. (Contributor), Wang, D. (Contributor), Wahlgren, W. Y. (Contributor), Weierstall, U. (Contributor), Westenhoff, S. (Contributor), Zatsepin, N. A. (Contributor), Boutet, S. (Contributor), Spence, J. C. H. (Contributor), Schlichting, I. (Contributor), Chapman, H. N. (Contributor), Fromme, P. (Contributor) & Neutze, R. (Contributor), RCSB-PDB, 2013


  • 4O9R : Human Smoothened Receptor structure in complex with cyclopamine

    Wang, C. (Contributor), Han, G. W. (Contributor), Katritch, V. (Contributor), Cherezov, V. (Contributor), Stevens, R. C. (Contributor), Weierstall, U. (Contributor), James, D. (Contributor), White, T. A. (Contributor), Wang, D. (Contributor), Liu, W. (Contributor), Spence, J. C. H. (Contributor), Bruce Doak, D. R. (Contributor), Nelson, G. (Contributor), Fromme, P. (Contributor), Fromme, R. (Contributor), Grotjohann, I. (Contributor), Kupitz, C. (Contributor), Zatsepin, N. A. (Contributor), Liu, H. (Contributor), Basu, S. (Contributor), Wacker, D. (Contributor), Won Han, G. (Contributor), Boutet, S. (Contributor), Messerschmidt, M. (Contributor), Williams, G. J. (Contributor), Koglin, J. E. (Contributor), Marvin Seibert, S. M. (Contributor), Klinker, M. (Contributor), Gati, C. (Contributor), Shoeman, R. L. (Contributor), Barty, A. (Contributor), Chapman, H. N. (Contributor), Kirian, R. (Contributor), Beyerlein, K. R. (Contributor), Li, D. (Contributor), Shah, S. T. A. (Contributor), Howe, N. (Contributor) & Caffrey, M. (Contributor), RCSB-PDB, 2014


  • 4RVY : Serial Time resolved crystallography of Photosystem II using a femtosecond X-ray laser. The S state after two flashes (S3)

    Kupitz, C. (Contributor), Basu, S. (Contributor), Grotjohann, I. (Contributor), Fromme, R. (Contributor), Zatsepin, N. A. (Contributor), Rendek, K. N. (Contributor), Hunter, M. S. (Contributor), Shoeman, R. L. (Contributor), White, T. A. (Contributor), Wang, D. (Contributor), James, D. (Contributor), Yang, J. (Contributor), Cobb, D. E. (Contributor), Reeder, B. (Contributor), Sierra, R. G. (Contributor), Liu, H. (Contributor), Barty, A. (Contributor), Aquila, A. L. (Contributor), Deponte, D. (Contributor), Kirian, R. (Contributor), Bari, S. (Contributor), Bergkamp, J. J. (Contributor), Beyerlein, K. R. (Contributor), Bogan, M. J. (Contributor), Caleman, C. (Contributor), Chao, T. (Contributor), Conrad, C. E. (Contributor), Davis, K. M. (Contributor), Fleckenstein, H. (Contributor), Galli, L. (Contributor), Hau-Riege, S. P. (Contributor), Kassemeyer, S. (Contributor), Laksmono, H. (Contributor), Liang, M. (Contributor), Lomb, L. (Contributor), Marchesini, S. (Contributor), Martin, A. V. (Contributor), Messerschmidt, M. (Contributor), Milathianaki, D. (Contributor), Nass, K. (Contributor), Ros, A. (Contributor), Roy-Chowdhury, S. (Contributor), Schmidt, K. (Contributor), Seibert, M. (Contributor), Steinbrener, J. (Contributor), Stellato, F. (Contributor), Yan, L. (Contributor), Yoon, C. (Contributor), Moore, T. (Contributor), Moore, A. (Contributor), Pushkar, Y. (Contributor), Williams, G. J. (Contributor), Boutet, S. (Contributor), Doak, R. B. (Contributor), Weierstall, U. (Contributor), Frank, M. (Contributor), Chapman, H. N. (Contributor), Spence, J. C. H. (Contributor) & Fromme, P. (Contributor), RCSB-PDB, 2015


  • Metadata record for: Diffraction data from aerosolized Coliphage PR772 virus particles imaged with the Linac Coherent Light Source

    Li, H. (Contributor), Nazari, R. (Contributor), Abbey, B. (Contributor), Alvarez, R. (Contributor), Aquila, A. (Contributor), Ayyer, K. (Contributor), Barty, A. (Contributor), Berntsen, P. (Contributor), Bielecki, J. (Contributor), Pietrini, A. (Contributor), Bucher, M. (Contributor), Carini, G. (Contributor), Chapman, H. N. (Contributor), Contreras, A. (Contributor), Daurer, B. J. (Contributor), DeMirci, H. (Contributor), Flűckiger, L. (Contributor), Frank, M. (Contributor), Hajdu, J. (Contributor), Hantke, M. F. (Contributor), Hogue, B. (Contributor), Hosseinizadeh, A. (Contributor), Hunter, M. S. (Contributor), Jönsson, H. O. (Contributor), Kirian, R. (Contributor), Kurta, R. P. (Contributor), Loh, D. (Contributor), Maia, F. R. N. C. (Contributor), Mancuso, A. P. (Contributor), Morgan, A. J. (Contributor), McFadden, M. (Contributor), Muehlig, K. (Contributor), Munke, A. (Contributor), Reddy, H. K. N. (Contributor), Nettelblad, C. (Contributor), Ourmazd, A. (Contributor), Rose, M. (Contributor), Schwander, P. (Contributor), Marvin Seibert, S. M. (Contributor), Sellberg, J. A. (Contributor), Sierra, R. G. (Contributor), Sun, Z. (Contributor), Svenda, M. (Contributor), Vartanyants, I. A. (Contributor), Walter, P. (Contributor), Westphal, D. (Contributor), Williams, G. (Contributor), Xavier, P. L. (Contributor), Yoon, C. H. (Contributor) & Zaare, S. (Contributor), figshare Academic Research System, 2020


  • Coherent diffraction of single Rice Dwarf Virus particles using hard X-rays at the Linac Coherent Light Source

    Munke, A. (Creator), Andreasson, J. (Creator), Aquila, A. (Creator), Awel, S. (Creator), Ayyer, K. (Contributor), Barty, A. (Creator), Bean, R. J. (Creator), Berntsen, P. (Creator), Bielecki, J. (Creator), Boutet, S. (Creator), Bucher, M. (Creator), Chapman, H. N. (Creator), Daurer, B. J. (Creator), Demirci, H. (Contributor), Elser, V. (Creator), Fromme, P. (Creator), Hajdu, J. (Contributor), Hantke, M. F. (Creator), Higashiura, A. (Creator), Hogue, B. (Creator), Hosseinizadeh, A. (Contributor), Kim, Y. (Contributor), Kirian, R. (Creator), Lan, T. (Contributor), Larsson, D. S. D. (Creator), Liu, H. (Contributor), Loh, N. D. (Creator), Maia, F. R. N. C. (Creator), Mancuso, A. P. (Creator), Mühlig, K. (Creator), Nakagawa, A. (Creator), Nam, D. (Contributor), Nelson, G. (Creator), Nettelblad, C. (Creator), Okamoto, K. (Creator), Ourmazd, A. (Creator), Rose, M. (Creator), Van Der Schot, G. (Contributor), Schwander, P. (Creator), Seibert, M. M. (Creator), Sellberg, J. A. (Creator), Sierra, R. G. (Creator), Song, C. (Contributor), Svenda, M. (Creator), Timneanu, N. (Contributor), Vartanyants, I. A. (Creator), Westphal, D. (Creator), Wiedorn, M. O. (Creator), Williams, G. J. (Creator), Xavier, P. L. (Contributor), Yoon, C. H. (Creator) & Zook, J. (Creator), figshare Academic Research System, 2016