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  • The Solar System Notification Alert Processing System (SNAPS): Design, Architecture, and First Data Release (SNAPShot1)

    Trilling, D. E., Gowanlock, M., Kramer, D., McNeill, A., Donnelly, B., Butler, N. & Kececioglu, J., Mar 1 2023, In: Astronomical Journal. 165, 3, 111.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
  • A nearby long gamma-ray burst from a merger of compact objects

    Troja, E., Fryer, C. L., O’Connor, B., Ryan, G., Dichiara, S., Kumar, A., Ito, N., Gupta, R., Wollaeger, R. T., Norris, J. P., Kawai, N., Butler, N. R., Aryan, A., Misra, K., Hosokawa, R., Murata, K. L., Niwano, M., Pandey, S. B., Kutyrev, A., van Eerten, H. J., & 4 othersChase, E. A., Hu, Y. D., Caballero-Garcia, M. D. & Castro-Tirado, A. J., Dec 8 2022, In: Nature. 612, 7939, p. 228-231 4 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    3 Scopus citations
  • COLIBRI, a wide-field 1.3 m robotic telescope dedicated to the transient sky

    Basa, S., Lee, W. H., Dolon, F., Watson, A. M., Floriot, J., Atteia, J. L., Butler, N. R., Dornic, D., Lombardo, S., Ronayette, S., Ageron, M., Agneray, F., Ángeles, F., Bautista, L., Benamar-Aissa, H., Blanpain, C., Boulade, O., Boy, J., Buat, V., Cadena, E., & 24 othersCuevas, S., Farah, A., Figueroa, L., Fuentes, J., Gaïti, C., Gallais, P., Kajfasz, E., Langarica, R., Langlois, A., Larrieu, M., Le Van Suu, A., Lecubin, J., López Ángeles, E., Lugo, E., Malgoyre, A., Mathon, R., Moreau, C., Nouvel-De-La-Flèche, A., Ochoa, J. L., Pedrayes-López, M., Ramon, P., Ruíz-Díaz-Soto, J., Tinoco, S. & Valentin, H., 2022, Ground-Based and Airborne Telescopes IX. Marshall, H. K., Spyromilio, J. & Usuda, T. (eds.). SPIE, 121821S. (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; vol. 12182).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • GPU-enabled searches for periodic signals of unknown shape

    Gowanlock, M., Butler, N. R., Trilling, D. E. & McNeill, A., Jan 2022, In: Astronomy and Computing. 38, 100511.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    2 Scopus citations
  • GRB 191016A: The onset of the forward shock and evidence of late energy injection

    Pereyra, M., Fraija, N., Watson, A. M., Becerra, R. L., Butler, N. R., De Colle, F., Troja, E., Dichiara, S., Fraire-Bonilla, E., Lee, W. H., Ramirez-Ruiz, E., Bloom, J. S., Prochaska, J. X., Kutyrev, A. S., González, J. J. & Richer, M. G., Apr 1 2022, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 511, 4, p. 6205-6217 13 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    2 Scopus citations
  • Fermi/GBM GRB minimum timescales

    Golkhou, V. Z. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator) & Littlejohns, O. M. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2016


  • Photometry of 3 {gamma}-ray burst supernovae

    Cano, Z. (Creator), De Ugarte Postigo, U. P. A. (Creator), Pozanenko, A. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator), Thöne, C. C. (Contributor), Guidorzi, C. (Creator), Krühler, T. (Contributor), Gorosabel, J. (Creator), Jakobsson, P. (Creator), Leloudas, G. (Creator), Malesani, D. (Creator), Hjorth, J. (Creator), Melandri, A. (Creator), Mundell, C. (Creator), Wiersema, K. (Creator), D'Avanzo, P. (Creator), Schulze, S. (Creator), Gomboc, A. (Creator), Johansson, A. (Creator), Zheng, W. (Creator), Kann, D. A. (Creator), Knust, F. (Creator), Varela, K. (Creator), Akerlof, C. W. (Creator), Bloom, J. (Creator), Burkhonov, O. (Creator), Cooke, E. (Creator), De Diego, D. J. A. (Creator), Dhungana, G. (Creator), Farina, C. (Creator), Ferrante, F. V. (Creator), Flewelling, H. A. (Creator), Fox, O. D. (Creator), Fynbo, J. (Creator), Gehrels, N. (Creator), Georgiev, L. (Creator), González, J. J. (Contributor), Greiner, J. (Creator), Güver, T. (Contributor), Hartoog, O. (Creator), Hatch, N. (Creator), Jelinek, M. (Creator), Kehoe, R. (Creator), Klose, S. (Creator), Klunko, E. (Creator), Kopač, D. (Contributor), Kutyrev, A. (Creator), Krugly, Y. (Creator), Lee, W. H. (Creator), Levan, A. (Creator), Linkov, V. (Creator), Matkin, A. (Creator), Minikulov, N. (Creator), Molotov, I. (Creator), Prochaska, J. X. (Creator), Richer, M. G. (Creator), Román-Zúñiga, C. G. (Contributor), Rumyantsev, V. (Creator), Sánchez-Ramírez, R. (Contributor), Steele, I. (Creator), Tanvir, N. R. (Creator), Volnova, A. (Creator), Watson, A. M. (Creator), Xu, D. (Creator) & Yuan, F. (Creator), Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, 2014


  • Gamma-ray bursts minimum timescales

    Golkhou, V. Z. (Creator) & Butler, N. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2017


  • Optical LC fit parameters for 179 GRBs

    Dainotti, M. G. (Creator), Young, S. (Creator), Li, L. (Creator), Levine, D. (Creator), Kalinowski, K. K. (Creator), Kann, D. A. (Creator), Tran, B. (Creator), Zambrano-Tapia, L. (Creator), Zambrano-Tapia, A. (Creator), Cenko, S. B. (Creator), Fuentes, M. (Creator), Sánchez-Vázquez, E. G. (Contributor), Oates, S. R. (Creator), Fraija, N. (Creator), Becerra, R. L. (Creator), Watson, A. M. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator), González, J. J. (Contributor), Kutyrev, A. S. (Creator), Lee, W. H. (Creator), Prochaska, J. X. (Creator), Ramirez-Ruiz, E. (Creator), Richer, M. G. (Creator) & Zola, S. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2022


  • Exoplanet candidates from TESS first 2yr obs

    Guerrero, N. M. (Creator), Seager, S. (Creator), Huang, C. X. (Creator), Vanderburg, A. (Creator), Soto, A. G. (Creator), Mireles, I. (Creator), Hesse, K. (Creator), Fong, W. (Creator), Glidden, A. (Creator), Shporer, A. (Creator), Latham, D. W. (Creator), Collins, K. A. (Creator), Quinn, S. N. (Creator), Burt, J. (Creator), Dragomir, D. (Creator), Crossfield, I. (Creator), Vanderspek, R. (Creator), Fausnaugh, M. (Creator), Burke, C. J. (Creator), Ricker, G. (Creator), Daylan, T. (Creator), Essack, Z. (Creator), Günther, M. N. (Contributor), Osborn, H. P. (Creator), Pepper, J. (Creator), Rowden, P. (Creator), Sha, L. (Creator), Villanueva, S. (Contributor), Yahalomi, D. A. (Creator), Yu, L. (Creator), Ballard, S. (Creator), Batalha, N. M. (Creator), Berardo, D. (Creator), Chontos, A. (Creator), Dittmann, J. A. (Creator), Esquerdo, G. A. (Creator), Mikal-Evans, T. (Creator), Jayaraman, R. (Creator), Krishnamurthy, A. (Creator), Louie, D. R. (Creator), Mehrle, N. (Creator), Niraula, P. (Creator), Rackham, B. V. (Creator), Rodriguez, J. E. (Creator), Rowden, S. J. L. (Creator), Sousa-Silva, C. (Creator), Watanabe, D. (Creator), Wong, I. (Creator), Zhan, Z. (Creator), Zivanovic, G. (Creator), Christiansen, J. L. (Creator), Ciardi, D. R. (Creator), Swain, M. A. (Creator), Lund, M. B. (Creator), Mullally, S. E. (Creator), Fleming, S. W. (Creator), Rodriguez, D. R. (Creator), Boyd, P. T. (Creator), Quintana, E. V. (Creator), Barclay, T. (Creator), Colón, K. D. (Contributor), Rinehart, S. A. (Creator), Schlieder, J. E. (Creator), Clampin, M. (Creator), Jenkins, J. M. (Creator), Twicken, J. D. (Creator), Caldwell, D. A. (Creator), Coughlin, J. L. (Creator), Henze, C. (Creator), Lissauer, J. J. (Creator), Morris, R. L. (Creator), Rose, M. E. (Creator), Smith, J. C. (Creator), Tenenbaum, P. (Creator), Ting, E. B. (Creator), Wohler, B. (Creator), Bakos, G. (Creator), Bean, J. L. (Creator), Berta-Thompson, Z. K. (Creator), Bieryla, A. (Creator), Bouma, L. G. (Creator), Buchhave, L. A. (Creator), Butler, N. (Creator), Charbonneau, D. (Creator), Doty, J. P. (Creator), Ge, J. (Creator), Holman, M. J. (Creator), Howard, A. W. (Creator), Kaltenegger, L. (Creator), Kane, S. R. (Creator), Kjeldsen, H. (Creator), Kreidberg, L. (Creator), Lin, D. N. C. (Contributor), Minsky, C. (Creator), Narita, N. (Creator), Paegert, M. (Creator), Pál, A. (Contributor), Palle, E. (Creator), Sasselov, D. D. (Creator), Spencer, A. (Creator), Sozzetti, A. (Creator), Stassun, K. G. (Creator), Torres, G. (Creator), Udry, S. (Creator) & Winn, J. N. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021