Why crisis management must go global, and how to begin

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This chapter speaks to the issue of globalizing crisis management, an essential and complex modication that receives far too little attention, despite being needed by most organizations. My crisis management expertise evolves from action research and consulting with executives, managers, supervisors and line workers as they prepare for, contain and learn from organizational crises, as well as from traditional academic study and research. As to the acuities of my global lens, for more than a dozen years I have focused on what it takes to lead globally. I have worked with thousands of global leaders and organizations in more than two dozen countries across ve continents. My orientation is always toward practice. This chapter is no dierent. My target audience consists of organizational leaders at all levels who have responsibility for or interest in crisis management, and for those academics and consultants who help to inform and guide them.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2018

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