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The energy-diffusion equation for carrier flow in energy space is extended to the case of degenerate semiconductors and applied to warm electrons at low temperatures in quasi-two-dimensional semiconductors. A continuity equation for energy flow is also utilized to include the effects of large energy exchange collisions. The electron temperature is found to vary as T//0(1 plus beta F**2), where the value of beta falls generally in the range 10** minus **6 - 10** minus **4 cm**2/V**2 for a silicon inversion layer and the value of beta depends upon the relevant scattering mechanisms and surface mobility. The role of the large energy exchange collisions is primarily to skew the warm-electron distribution to the high energy tail.

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StatePublished - 1978
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EventProc of the Int Conf on the Electron Prop of Two-Dimens Syst, 2nd - Berchtesgaden, Ger
Duration: Aug 19 1977Aug 22 1977


OtherProc of the Int Conf on the Electron Prop of Two-Dimens Syst, 2nd
CityBerchtesgaden, Ger

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