Volcanic Origin of Disulfur Monoxide (S2O) on Io

Mikhail Yu Zolotov, Bruce Fegley

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We use chemical equilibrium calculations to model S2O formation by high temperature thermochemical reactions in volcanic gases on Io. The calculations predict formation of 1-6% S2O gas at observed hot spot temperatures in SO2-S2gas mixtures at pressures of 1-100 bars in volcanoes on Io. The S2O abundance increases with increasing pressure (up to ~6% at 100 bars) and is relatively insensitive to temperature and the bulk O/S ratio over wide ranges. Condensation of volcanic S2O provides a plausible explanation for the solid S2O that has been suggested to be present on Io's surface (e.g., around the Pele volcano).

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StatePublished - Jun 1998
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