Visualization in Concurrent Engineering

Gregory M. Nielson, Mark Henderson

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This chapter discusses the use of visualization in the concurrent engineering process (CE). Visualization has become an important component of the scientific discovery process, allowing engineers and scientists to examine large amounts of data with higher efficiency and greater comprehension. CE is the byword of manufacturing companies worldwide, especially those in the United States where an industrial revolution is taking place. Companies are adopting team-based product design, lean production and emphasizing Total Quality Management, Design for Manufacturing and other methodologies which can all be considered components of concurrent engineering. CE is a product and process design methodology that improves product quality, cost, and time-to-market. The emphasis in CE begins by polling the customer's desires and proceeds by continually evaluating the design according to the customer desires at each design stage. The product development team (PDT) is the decision making body that guides the product design progress at every step of the way. Members of the PDT include those experts in: cost estimation, performance analysis, installation, aesthetics, standards specifications, ergonomics, product life span, order quantities, materials, documentation, legal issues, safety, testing, environment, patents, shelf life, quality/reliability, packaging, competition, maintenance, manufacturing, weight, market constraints, politics, disposal, company constraints, shipping, processes and, most importantly, the customer.

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JournalControl and Dynamic Systems
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StatePublished - Jan 1 1994

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