Using archaeological chemistry to investigate the geographic origins of trophy heads in the central andes: Strontium isotope analysis at the wari site of conchopata

Kelly Knudson, Tiffiny A. Tung

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Comparing strontium isotope results from archaeological bone-tooth pairs from individuals buried in mortuary spaces at the Wari site of Conchopata with Conchopata trophy heads shows that the trophy head strontium isotope signatures are more variable. This implies that the individuals transformed into trophy heads likely came from different geologic zones in the Andes, and were more likely to have been victims of raiding or warfare from different parts of the Andes rather than venerated ancestors from Conchopata or the surrounding region. These data also demonstrate the ability of strontium isotope analysis to elucidate individual life histories using archaeological bone-tooth pairs.

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Publication statusPublished - 2007

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