Troubled Relationships: High-Risk Latina Adolescents and Nonresident Fathers

Vera Lopez, Rosalie Corona

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This qualitative study explored 18 high-risk adolescent Latinas' perceptions of their relationships with nonresident fathers. A number of interrelated factors-early childhood memories, mothers' interpretations, and fathers' behaviors-shaped girls' perceptions, which in turn, influenced how they interacted with fathers. Some girls struggled to make sense of fathers' diminished involvement and continued to long for them. Others grew angry and refused to have anything to do with hostile and aggressive fathers. Some girls never knew or did not remember their fathers, and they were largely indifferent. In contrast, other girls were conflicted and shifted back and forth between being angry with fathers, longing for them, and attempting to assume an air of indifference. Only one girl noted that she had a positive, loving relationship with her father. Implications for study findings are discussed.



  • adolescents
  • father-adolescent relationships
  • father-daughter relationships
  • female adolescents
  • Latinas

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