Towards geodesign: Repurposing cartography and GIS?

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One of the original visions for GIS was as a tool for creating designs, but GIS has evolved in numerous other directions. Definitions of geodesign are reviewed, together with a short history of the concept. A distinction is drawn between Design and design, the latter being addressed through spatial decision support systems, and the former being seen as a superset of the latter. Geodesign also has a strong and well-defined relationship with cartography. The vision of landscape architecture propounded by the late Ian McHarg also provides a foundation for geodesign. Two existing gaps in the computation tools available for geodesign are identified: support for sketch and implementation of models representing scientific knowledge of how the world works. Two important areas of research are identified that would address problems that currently impede geodesign.

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JournalCartographic Perspectives
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StatePublished - 2010
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