The ′T Hooft-Polyakov monopole near the Prasad-Sommerfield limit

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A perturbative classical monopole solution for the SO(3) gauge theory is constructed in the limit of small but non-vanishing Higgs potential. This corresponds to the limit μ2 2MW2 = λ ≪ 1, where μ equals the mass of the scalar particle and MW equals the mass of the intermediate vector particles. The monopole solution and mass are found to involve non-analytic functions of λ: γ and λ ln λ. The monopole mass Mm is calculated to order μ2 MW as Mm= 4π e2Mw1+ 1 2 μ Mw+ 1 2 μ2 M2wln μ Mw+0.7071 μ2 M2w.

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JournalAnnals of Physics
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StatePublished - Mar 1983


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