The development and validation of the workforce diversity questionnaire: An instrument to assess interactions in diverse workgroups

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This research developed an original instrument, the Workforce Diversity Questionnaire, to assess interactions in diverse workgroups. A set of proposed dimensions was developed theoretically from literature on cultural diversity, discrimination, and intergroup processes. Results of open-ended interviews affirmed the dimensions and also indicated that cultural, gender, and more general types of diversity generate similar interactions. Items for the Workforce Diversity Questionnaire were written based on interview comments and included cultural, gender, and general diversity issues. The validity of the instrument was tested through confirmatory factor analysis and correlations with outside constructs. The resulting instrument provides a set of internally consistent scales that demonstrate strong content validity and indicate a second-order factor, "diversity climate." These scales include inclusion, ideation, understanding, and treatment. One of the dimensions derived from theory and supported in interviews, adjustment, was not confirmed as a valid measurement scale.

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JournalManagement Communication Quarterly
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StatePublished - Dec 1 1996
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