Rodger Kessler, Dale Stafford

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Writing this book has generated professional and personal experiences for us as editors. It has changed our professional relationship from referring colleagues to collaborators in care. It has pushed our practice to begin to confront the question of what does it mean for us to practice collaborative care. This question is being asked across all strata of our practice. We recently saw a patient together for a first appointment. There are considerable medical and psychological complexities to the case. At the conclusion, when we were discussing our plans, we concluded that we would both see the patient together for each visit for a multitude of reasons-a large shift for us, and portending a very different future. As a psychologist and a family physician, there have been other professional and personal conclusions to the journey that is this book. We will each share some of them; first D.S. and then R.K., before we conclude with an elaboration of some key points that we hope will be influenced by our efforts.

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