Studies on the total synthesis of tallysomycin. Synthesis of the threonylbithiazole moiety containing a structurally unique glycosylcarbinolamide

Marcos L. Sznaidman, Sidney M. Hecht

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(equation presented) Tallysomycins are glycopeptide antibiotics that were first isolated from fermentation broths of Streptoalloteichus hindustanus. They are structurally related to the bleomycins but contain an additional talose sugar attached via a unique glycosylcarbinolamide linkage. Herein we report the synthesis of a key tallysomycin intermediate that incorporates the glycosylcarbinolamide moiety unique to the tallysomycins.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2811-2814
Number of pages4
JournalOrganic Letters
Issue number18
StatePublished - Sep 6 2001
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