Social work, transculturality, and etiquette in the academy: Implications for practice

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As is perhaps the case in most disciplines today, there are a number of contradictory, but yet interacting, forces in social work in the academy that might shed some light on the changes in etiquette and demeanor we currently encounter. Differing, contrasting, or even warring paradigms, inter-professional power struggles, and unbridled competition have all resulted in an unprecedented level of incivility. Confronted with the many social ills of today, social work in the academy remains entangled in internal tensions and appears not to be able to lead the way in addressing those ills. Can any explanations be provided that might move social workers in the academy to new understandings and resolutions? Can new examples be set for the practitioners of tomorrow?

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JournalFamilies in Society
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2000


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