Sequence analysis of the bovine coronavirus nucleocapsid and matrix protein genes

William Lapps, Brenda Hogue, David A. Brian

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The 3′ end of the 20-kb genome of the Mebus strain of bovine enteric coronavirus (BCV) was copied into cDNA and cloned into the PstI site of the pUC9 vector. Four clones from the 3′ end of the genome were sequenced either completely or in part to determine the sequence of the first 2451 bases. Within this sequence were identified, in order, a 3′-noncoding region of 291 bases, the gene for a 448-amino acid nucleocapsid protein (N) having a molecular weight of 49,379, and the gene for a 230-amino acid matrix protein (M) having a molecular weight of 26,376. A third large open reading frame is contained entirely within the N gene sequence but is positioned in a different reading frame; it potentially encodes a polypeptide of 207 amino acids having a molecular weight of 23,057. A higher degree of amino acid sequence homology was found between the M proteins of BCV and MHV (87%) than between the N proteins (70%). For the M proteins of BCV and MHV, notable differences were found at the amino terminus, the most probable site of O-glycosylation, where the sequence is N-Met-Ser-Ser-Val-Thr-Thr for BCV and N-Met-Ser-Ser-Thr-Thr for MHV. BCV apparently uses two of its six potential O-glycosylation sites.

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Publication statusPublished - 1987
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