Psychosocial Care

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Title of host publicationStillbirth
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StatePublished - May 5 2011


  • ATTEND, relationship-based-patient-centered model of psychosocial intervention
  • Colloquy between systems-macro and mezzo systems on individual
  • Dual process model of bereavement-loss, and a focus on living
  • Insidious seeping into psyche-macro factors, affecting parents of stillborn babies
  • Micro system, traumatic loss and existential angst-mother's existence wrapped up to her dead child's
  • Multidimensional integrative stillbirth systems model
  • Psychosocial care
  • Stillbirth, bereavement of mother-grieving loss of a part of the self
  • Stillbirth, birth and death collision-traumatic experience, and psychopathology
  • Therapeutic touch, or haptics-reducing tension, and improving rapport

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