On the thermal conductivity due to collisions between relativistics degenerate electrons

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The double integral present in the expression for the thermal conductivity due to collisions between degenerate relativistic electrons is calculated numerically. The regime covered by the integration is valid for all ratios of the temperature to the electron plasma frequency temperature that are bounded from below by the melting temperature and bounded from above by the Fermi temperature. Excellent agreement is found with the limiting case expressions derived by Urpin and Yakovlev. The results are presented both in tabular form for applications requiring a high accuracy and in the form of a convenient fit formula. In addition, the fitting formula reduces in the proper limit to the first-order terms of the Urpin and Yakovlev asymptotic expansions. Effects of electron-electron collisions on the propagation speed of steady state deflagrations is briefly discussed.

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Pages (from-to)L107-L109
JournalAstrophysical Journal
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StatePublished - May 10 1992
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