On gap equations and color-flavor locking in cold dense QCD with three massless flavors

I. A. Shovkovy, L. C.R. Wijewardhana

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The superconductivity in cold dense QCD with three massless flavors is analyzed in the framework of the Schwinger-Dyson equation. The set of two coupled gap equations for the color antitriplet, flavor antitrip]et (3̄,3̄) and the color sextet, flavor sextet (6,6) order parameters is derived. It is shown that the antitriplet-antitriplet gives the dominant contribution to the color-flavor locked order parameter, while the sextet-sextet is small but nonzero. (C) 1999 Published by Elsevier Science B.V.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)189-199
Number of pages11
JournalPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
Issue number1-4
StatePublished - Dec 16 1999


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