Newly identified khotanese fragments in the British Library and their Chinese parallels

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This article identifies three Khotanese fragments in the British Library-IOL Khot 25/4, IOL Khot 147/5 (H. 147 NS 106) and Khot missing frags. 3-as, Mahāvaipulya-buddha-Avatatra-acintya-visaya-pradesa and Hastikakáyā, since their parallels have been found in the Chinese canon. The first identification adds one more text to the current Khotanese Buddhist corpus. The second identification provides a better understanding of the Buddhist connection between Khotan and Central China. The Chinese version was translated by a Khotanese monk named Devendraprajña. The second identification indicates that the text has a Khotanese translation, in addition to a Sanskrit version and two Chinese translations. In sum, this article sheds new light on Buddhist literature in Khotanese and its connection with Buddhist literature in Chinese.

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StatePublished - Apr 1 2012


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