Investigation of an NEA diamond vacuum microtriode array

C. W. Hatfield, G. L. Bilbro, A. S. Morris, P. K. Baumann, B. L. Ward, Robert Nemanich

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The properties and characteristics of vacuum microtriodes based on NEA diamond surfaces were modelled. Specifically, an NEA diamond vacuum microtriode array was investigated using electrical measurements, electron optics software, and microwave circuit simulation. Data for emission current versus applied voltage for various anode-to-cathode distances for diamond NEA surfaces was analyzed and various parameters were extracted. Electron optics software was used to determine Fowler-Nordheim and space-charge-limited DC I-V characteristics for each microtriode. Microwave circuit simulation was done to determine the behavior of arrays of these vacuum microtriodes in an RF amplifier circuit.


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Hatfield, C. W., Bilbro, G. L., Morris, A. S., Baumann, P. K., Ward, B. L., & Nemanich, R. (1996). Investigation of an NEA diamond vacuum microtriode array. In Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings (Vol. 423, pp. 33-38). Materials Research Society.