Induction of cellular DNA synthesis by polyoma virus. II. Increase in the rate of enzyme synthesis after infection with polyoma virus in mouse kidney cells

L. H. Hartwell, M. Vogt, R. Dulbecco

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An induction of cellular DNA synthesis and an increase in the activity of three enzymes involved in DNA synthesis, dCMP deaminase, TdR Kinase, and DNA polymerase, following the infection of mouse kidney cells with polyoma virus was described previously (Dulbecco et al., 1965). Experiments described in this paper elucidate the mechanism of the increase in enzymatic activities of dCMP deaminase and TdR kinase. Three alternative mechanisms are considered: (1) an increase in the rate of enzyme synthesis, (2) a stabilization of labile enzyme molecules, and (3) an activation of enzyme activity. Experimental evidence is presented which rules out the latter two possibilities. We conclude therefore that the rate of synthesis of dCMP deaminase and TdR kinase is increased as a result of polyoma infection.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Nov 1965


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