Identification and characterization of Golgi equivalents fromAllomyces macrogynus

Tommy C. Sewall, Robert W. Roberson, Jeffrey C. Pommerville

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Golgi equivalents similar to those described in other fungi were identified in freeze substituted hyphae ofAllomyces macrogynus. These Golgi equivalents were composed of individual or a few loosely associated cisternae, were surrounded by vesicles, and were in a zone relatively free of ribosomes. Certain smooth cisternae in both vegetative hyphae and gametangia stained positively for the Golgi marker enzyme thiamine pyrophosphatase. Subcellular fractionation and biochemical analysis of vegetative hyphae and gametangia revealed endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi membrane fractions with average buoyant densities of 1.09 and 1.15 g/cm3, respectively. Enriched membranes obtained by differential centrifugation were further purified by ultracentrifugation on sucrose step gradients to obtain a presumptive Goldi fraction. Gel electrophoresis of both crude homogenates and fractions prepared by differential centrifugation demonstrated stage-specific glycoproteins that bind the lectin concanavalin A. The results demonstrated thatA. macrogynus has a Golgi complex composed of structurally simple Golgi equivalents and that these Golgi equivalents have physiological functions, such as glycoprotein processing, typically associated with stacked Golgi cisternae from other organisms.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)239-252
Number of pages14
JournalExperimental Mycology
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 1989
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  • Allomyces macrogynus
  • Golgi complex
  • Golgi equivalents
  • fractionation
  • gametogenesis
  • glycoproteins
  • sporogenesis

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