Enthymematic Solutions to the Lockshin Defection Story: A Case Study in the Repair of a Problematic Narrative

Laura K. Guerrero, George N. Dionisopoulos

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On October 1, 1986, Moscow informed Washington that an American scientist had requested political asylum. The press issued stories that sounded disbelieving, stating that the FBI was unable to find such a person (“Citizen,” 1986). On October 8, 1986, the members of the Arnold Lockshin family packed quickly, leaving their two Chevrolets, their furniture, and their children's toys be hind. Neighbors reported that “the family's red brick ranch house with white trim in southwest Houston had the look of any other in the neighborhood…. The phone, which ha[d] not been disconnected, constantly [rang] from the inside” (Applebome, 1986, p. 9).

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JournalCommunication Studies
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StatePublished - Dec 1 1990
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